Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Christmas morning 2015

All I really need to say about Christmas morning is two words:  complete happiness and blessed.  Well, maybe that was three.
Hunter really wanted a violin for Christmas and was thrilled when Santa brought him one!

Lucas got a lot of LEGOS!!  We love legos in this house.  He was very happy with his train set and rocketship!
He was able to play it right off the bat.  Now we need to get him some lessons.  I am so proud of all the things he wants to learn to do!

They also love handing out presents!  It is just as fun and more rewarding to give.

Mind craft pig from Aunt Jenny.
One of my favorite presents was a ring from Lucas that he picked out and wrapped for me from the penguin patch at school.

Looking sharp in their new Patagonia vests.  Now if it was just cold enough to wear them.  We have had record breaking temperatures this year.  Two days before Christmas it was 77 degrees!  I was running in a t-shirt and shorts.  Christmas day was close to 70.  I love the warmer weather but around Christmas time it feels a little odd.
Santa was really generous to the boys again this year.
Some down time for Chloe and Gizmo after a crazy, fun filled Christmas morning!  Chloe's big gift from Santa was and I pad!

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