Tuesday, January 12, 2016

More from the National Championships

 Rows and rows of bikes set up for race day.  I used to get really nervous in transition.  I was so afraid I would not be able to find my bike.  You are a bit delirious and unstable after swimming but I have found it helps to identify landmarks the day before during set up and focus on those landmarks out of the water.
 Part of our swim course in Lake Michigan.  The water was a balmy 62 degrees.
 Last day selfie by the Lake on our way to the Art Museum.
 Cutie looking at the map and the swim course.
 Here I am on the podium after the first race! The top 18 qualified for a spot to the World Championships and the top 10 medal!  My goal was to make World's and it was a bonus to finish 8th and get a medal!  Watch out ladies this was my first National Championship and first attempt at an Olympic distance triathlon.  I'm working my way up that podium next year.
 Blurry, but mom did the best she could with my iPhone from the back of the room.  I was nervous up there!
 Check out my sweet spot for the Sprint distance!  Right on the end of the rack at the end of the row.
 Two fingers for the 'doing the double' sign!  We raced the previous day and were back the next morning for the Sprint race.  No pressure in this one, I already made it to World's in the Olympic.  This one was for fun and experience.
 Trying to get some selfies before getting into the water.  David is usually first to race and I have to wait forever to start.  This has been the only race where I was first and he had to wait.  It was nice to finish early and see him cross the finish line!
 We have the best cheering station in the nation!!
 Crowds and volunteers awaiting the finish!
 Here comes daddy!
 Looking strong!  One of his best races of the season.  I think the Sprint Distance is well suited for him.  Little did we know he was running on a dislocated patella.  After this race and lots of nagging on my part he eventually sought treatment and has been rehabbing his knee back to health.  I think the 2016 season will be his best year ever!

 This guy inspired me.  I had to take his picture and I need to post a little about him.  He was the National Champion of the 90+ age group.  Yes, he was the single competitor but he DID IT!  He swam 1/2 mile in 62 degree water unassisted, he biked 12 miles and ran 3.1 miles to finish.  I was amazed.  I am still amazed.  Get off the couch people and do something with yourself.  Life is short and age is just a number.
 I don't have any pictures for the Sprint reward ceremony but I managed in come in 5th!  I was shocked.  It was fun. I had fun. I let the pressure go and managed to podium in back to back races!  

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