Tuesday, January 5, 2016


These cutie pies getting ready for the Iron Kids race.  I am so proud of each of them for wanting to participate in the run.  A wonderful opportunity for the kids to be apart of the racing experience!
Look at him go!  Lucas was able to run the entire mile without stopping.  What fun!

Hunter took off on his own.  The start of any race is usually a cluster and the kids race is no different.  Once we made the first turn and Hunter could see the leaders of the race he kicked it into another gear.  Maybe this little guy is going to have his mother's competitive spirt.  Yikes!
Chloe did a great job as well.  A little 'neck pain' slowed us down to a walk a couple of time but we were able to finish strong.
Chloe and Lucas crossing the finish line.  I was unaware that Lucas was right behind us.  We never get pictures of Hunter crossing the line because he is always racing at the front of the pack!
Iron Kid Finishers with their medals to prove it!  So proud of these tough kids.

Proud Papa!

Cutie running and waving at the finish line!

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