Sunday, January 10, 2016

Some Pool time

Look at Scuba Steve go!  Before coming to the beach Lucas was an Okay swimmer.  He would occasionally put his head under the water but he could move all around the pool with an efficient doggy paddle.  When he got tired he would flip over on his back.  We kept encouraging him to swim under water but he really didn't like getting water up his nose or in his eyes.  David had a great idea and bought him some scuba gear to use.  He loved it!!  He went all over the pool.  We couldn't get him out of the water.  He loved searching around on the bottom of the pool for all kinds of treasures.

It took him minutes to learn how to use the mask and the snorkel and then he was much happier.

They are all little fishes in the water.  Chloe is always so good with getting along with the rest of the crew.  She is our peacemaker.

The last few pictures are of night swimming at the hotel.  They were playing a movie but no one really cared.  Everyone had a blast swimming.  This water feels like a bath.

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