Saturday, January 9, 2016

Creeper Trail Ride with the Yo-Sims

An early summer visit from Uncle Kevin and Linden.  We decided on a Creeper Trail ride to Alvarado Station for some ice cream.
We made one stop ahead of schedule to explore one of the caves on route.

Cuties with camel packs for the warm 8 mile ride, 16 for round trip.  In this picture they were 5,6, and 7!
Linden did a great job riding a big bike.  We only had one spill with a big rock in the middle of the path.  Poor thing had her front tire pop right out from under her and she hit the ground hard.  I was so impressed how quickly she jumped up and dusted herself off and wanted to continue to our destination.
So pretty riding through the farm.
Totally out of order but our walk down main street after eating dinner at Figarado's.
Success! The 16 mile bike ride was a success!

Pit stop for gummies and more water on our return trip.

Great fun little people!

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