Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Hunter's 8th Birthday

Hunter has been begging to ride a bike since he could walk.  He is really good on a bike and has been mountain biking a few times with David.  As of late he has shown interest in our cross bikes and wanted to know if they made such bikes for little kids.  Against my wishes, David found a Redline kids bike and thought Hunter would love it for his birthday.  I wanted to get him a bigger mountain bike....
He was the happiest kid on the planet with this bike.  He loved the curved handlebars and the hope that one day soon he could have clip in shoes!

So happy!  He wanted to take it out and ride it right then.

He rode it like a champion, second nature to him.  He is just like his Daddy on a bike. I don't think they could make one the two of them couldn't ride.  Despite being slightly big for him he had no trouble figuring it out.  He even got the hand of the different shifters immediately.  I stand corrected on this present.  Daddy was right to get him a cross bike!  Happy Birthday my love.  I hope you have many wonderful and exciting adventures on this bike and ones to come in the future!

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