Sunday, January 10, 2016

A day to Paddle Board!

 We had an extra special treat one day with a paddle board.  Kevin and Noelle had some friends that were also vacationing at Amelia for the same week and they agreed on a time to meet on the beach and let the kids try their hand at some paddle boarding.  It is really fun but a little harder than it looks trying to balance while out in the ocean.  All the kids gave it a go and our new friend was great at life guarding an teaching the whole afternoon.  In the first picture you can see Linden up trying to get turned out to sea.

 Chloe made it look easy and popped right up on the board and had the best balance.  I think all her gymnastics really helped!
 David popped right up as well and had a much better experience than he did two years ago when we tried it.  It was helpful to have someone experienced helping to give you pointers.

 Hunter was a little shy and anxious at first but I was proud of him for giving it a go.

 Eli popped right up as well.  Poor guy took a hit to the head coming in though.  The waves are intimidating as you bring that big board into shore.

 With a little help, Linden road it all the way to the shore line.

These last few pictures were from lots of play with the board in the tidal pool.  All the kids piled on it like a boat and paddled it around.  Thanks Greg for a really fun day at Amelia!

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