Sunday, January 17, 2016

Some holiday fun

Opening presents at Aunt Jackie's house.  Always a good time with mom's side of the family.  Apart from camping with Nana and Larry a few times a year we don't get to see my other aunts and uncles that much.  It's great to see everyone and it reinforces the idea that we need to get tougher at least once in the summer as well.  Maybe this will be the year!

So sweet of everyone to think of the boys.  They loved all of their gifts.
A big thank you to the Canter family for hosting a cookie making evening.  While in Pilot Mountain for Christmas we made a special trip to see David's long time buddy, Matt.  We had a nice dinner with his wife Amy and their daughter Tessa.  After dinner we joined Matt at his parents house where his mom had sugar and molasses cookies ready for us to roll, cut and bake.  A sweet evening with good friends.  Thank you Canter's for your hospitality!
Lucas did a great job all by himself and the cookies came out perfect and delicious.

This was a daddy day!  I had a hair appointment and David took the opportunity to do gingerbread houses solo!  Fun times with a super dad!
A plate full of "Granny's" cookies.  We did it!  We learned how to make Granny's cookies!  They were fun to make and the kids are learning how to bake in the process.  I love cooking and baking days with the kids.

Community Christmas at the Barter.  David had to work but the boys and I went to the Christmas show at the Barter. We sat right up front and the seating was perfect!  The Christmas program consists of lots of local and very talented artists.  We had storytellers, dancers, singers and musicians. It was a wonderful production and I had a wonderful evening with the best dates in town.
At the end of the program Santa made and appearance and all the kids were asked to come up on stage.  Santa gave all the kids some candy and some really cool light up glasses.  Lucas ran up on stage but Hunter opted to watch what was about to happen from his seat.
Picture with Santa at the Sullins Christmas party.  Lucas and Hunter enjoyed the treats and the crafts but only Lucas wanted to sit on Santa's lap.

This year the boys and I went to Kiln Time, the pottery place in downtown Bristol after the last day of school for the year.  Hunter picked out this giant Christmas tree and we all painted it together.  Lucas painted a few things that he picked out and after awhile decided he would help paint on the tree a bit.  It turned out beautiful and I had a great time with the boys doing this activity.  I hope to do many more like this in the future!
Christmas party coming to a close!  My sweet 8 year old who refuses to eat sweets!  I can't complain.
On the contrary, my sweet eating elf on the shelf!  Lucas in his favorite PJ's to celebrate the last day of school for the year.  Hunter has NEVER worm PJ's to school, even when it is supposed to be a PJ day.  Lucas would wear them every single day if we would let him.  Everyone was smiles this day, time to take a break from school and celebrate Christmas and the New Year!!

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