Sunday, January 10, 2016

Let's hear it for the group!

I enjoy all these pictures.  I know a lot of them are the same but we have some really cute kids and I couldn't decide which ones to cut out.  


 Hmmmmm, I recall that Lucas had a difficult time on this outing and it took a lot of bribing to get him to stand in the picture.

 Really cute park on the plantation with a fabulous climbing tree.  I think we made the picture before Linden crashed out of it.

 Some are better at taking pictures than others.  What do you think?  Maybe this skill improves with age.  In my case, it does not.
 Annual trip to Peppers at Fernandina Beach.

 Can you tell you likes to have their picture taken?  These kids all melt my heart. Period. And everyday.

On the last day we dug a hole that we all could stand in.  For some reason it was really fun to dig a huge hole and fill with water.

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