Saturday, January 9, 2016

First Grade trip to Bright's Zoo!

This was a really fun trip with Hunter's first grade class at the end of the school year.  Bright's zoo is a family zoo that was started as a haven for strange and exotic animals that people chose for pets and could no longer keep them.  They also serve as a repopulation zoo for certain species.  This is a very, very small zoo but it was well kept and the staff were extremely friendly and knowledgeable.

Red Panda.
They had lots of monkeys.
Flamingos.  They are working on expanding the exhibits for some of the larger animals.  Like any zoo these animals are out of their natural habitat.  I have mixed feelings about keeping them caged.
The giraffes are such animals that need a bigger space.  I hope when we return with Lucas's first grade class they will have finished the expansion for them.
Lucas joined us for the trip.  He loves Sullins and all the friends in Hunter's class.

Lucas really enjoyed chatting with Gavin.  I think he spent a good port of the trip getting in trouble over loud talking and cutting up to draw attention.  Gavin was a good sport and entertained Lucas in ways to try and keep him from getting in trouble.
Kangaroos.  I think these were my favorite.  They are so big! Much bigger than I had imagined.

And for 1.00 you could feed the giraffe a carrot!
A little blurry but a great picture of Mrs. Welker's class.  A really fun end of the year field trip.

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