Saturday, January 16, 2016

Thanksgiving Feast, Grandparents Day and a Seussical! Love Sullins Academy!

For Thanksgiving at Sullins the Preschool, Junior K and Kindergarten classes all have a feast in the cafeteria that they help to prepare.  The Preschool gives a little performance along with Kindergarten and the Junior K participates in a very importance naming ceremony presided by Chief Rhem.  The morning is crazy but the kids love every minute of it!

The kids could choose to dress as an Indian or a pilgrim.  Most dressed as an Indian, but we did have one or two pilgrims.  You see what Lucas chose to be and he is showing off his card telling what he is most thankful for.....his brother.  Those two love each other to the moon and back.
Gaga came up for Grandparents Day!  Yea!  A super special day for the kids at Sullins and their grandparents.  Earlier in the month the students write a letter to their grandparents asking them to come to the special celebration.  My mom really like getting the invitation in the mail.  For the day at school the kids can have their picture taken with their grandparents, they have crafts prepared to do with them in their classrooms, they take them to the book fair, they take them to the bake sale, they have a delicious brunch with them in the cafeteria and in conclusion the whole school puts on a big performance.  This year it was a Seussical, written by a former Sullins student and directed by our extremely talented music director.  This was the best performance I have seen from the student body to date!  Hunter was a tree and wasn't very happy with his second grade outfit.  I wish I had more pictures from this presentation but I was too entertained (and too far back) to get any good shots.  You will just have to go next year and see it for yourself!  The boys were very proud of themselves for the success of this program!

Each class was a different character from a Dr. Seuss book.  Kindergarten were fish and we all worked hard on making their hats!

I purchased this extraordinary cake at the Grandparents' Day bake sale.  A big thank you goes to Unique Cakes for making such a beautiful and delicious cake!  It was HUGE.  We hosted Thanksgiving so it didn't last that long in a house full of people.  It was so good!  They bake the best cakes and my mouth is watering just remembering how great it tasted!

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