Monday, January 11, 2016

Let's go to Milwaukee!

We made it to Milwaukee and the USAT National Championships!!  David and I both qualified and were 'doing the double' over the race weekend.  I know these pictures are so similar but I love the different expressions from Hunter!
This cute little Tavern was right up the street from our hotel.  Under the recommendations from the Turners we tried some cheese kurds and had Spotted Cow.  Wow!  The cheese curds were amazing and the Spotted Cow didn't let us down.  This venue even served them in a double glass which was super cool.  I was afraid I couldn't stomach a braut until after race day.
The finish line!  We would cross it twice for this racing completion.
The Art Museum downtown.  I think this was supposed to resemble a fin of a fish flipping out of the water.  We visited this museum on the last day.  It was the spot for the Sprint award ceremony.  David was able to entertain the kids in this lovely place while I picked up my award.
Some pool time is always a nice distraction for the kids.  We blocks away from the race site so our families had to do A LOT of walking.

Again, the cutest kiddos on the planet. It was a cool August night and we walked with the kids downtown for dinner.
This cracks me up.  I seriously asked the waiter if the meal would be big enough to split between two kids.  He thought the portion sizes were small?  What do you think?  This was a hamburger with ribs and potatoes all stacked on top.  It was as big as Lucas's head.  He kept asking, "How am I supposed to eat this?'

A beautiful glass structure inside the Art Museum.  The kids are showing off some of the art they made with David while waiting for me at the awards ceremony.

Totally random and completely out of place but it was a long, mess of a drive! Kids were troopers as always.
Mom pondering over a braut, I suppose?

Plugged in.
Happy to arrive at our destination!

We spent the first part of our trip exploring the options downtown that would be fun for the kids.  Our first stop was the Milwaukee Children's Museum.  It was a fun, entertaining spot for them and they enjoyed the break from all the walking and race preparation. In a few years these spots won't be as entertaining but for now they love every minute of it.  The first couple of pictures allowed them to be TV broadcasters.  You can't see it but they were reading a prompt and seeing themselves on a television.

Having fun driving a bus.

The kids also experienced eating from a hot dog cart!
Next stop was the Museum of Science.  All the museums had special offers for race participants and their families.  It is really nice when host cities can provide entertainment and activities for the whole family to enjoy.  Above was a special exhibit the museum was hosting and it was entitled "Grossolgy."  Perfect for kids, right?  It explained all the nasty things are body does from runny noses, to burping, vomiting and the favorite for the boys, FARTING!
Chloe testing out the bed of nails.  For whatever reason the boys did not want to try this trick.
An exhibit of all the different Great Lakes.  It was a scaled version of their size and shapes and lots of interesting facts about them.  This was one of my favorite exhibits.

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