Friday, January 27, 2017

One more Christmas celebration!

We did it!  We finally biked from White Top into Damascus.  Lucas, Linden, Eli, Hunter, Chloe David, myself Kevin and Noelle took the opportunity to brazen the trial on a warmer than usual day in December.  It was freezing at the top and it didn't warm up too much on the way down at our true creeper trial pace.

Let me see you whip and watch me nae, nae!

Stopping for a break and a quick camera pose from the cutest Creeper trail riders all day.

We experienced several group firsts with this York-Simmons visit. We had a great ride on the Creeper Trail.  All the kids and parents survived the ride with little complaining and lots of fun. A total of 18 miles the kiddos rode that day.  Then we all got fancy and had dinner at the Tavern. Yes, we took a party of 9 to the Tavern!  Delicious and enjoyed by all!
Next we ventured to the Pinnacle and enjoyed The Force Awakens in true 21st century style.
And finally off to the new trampoline park in Johnson City.

And to finish off the visit we had a great lunch at Cootie Brown's.

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