Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Abingdon takes Grayson Highlands State Park

Such a great trip this was!!  8 families from Abingdon and their kids camped for the weekend at Grayson Highlands State Park!  Here we all are walking along the trail to find the ponies.
Poor Lucas took a scooter fall back at the campground and nursed this arm for the entire hike.  You can see in most of the pictures him holding it in some way.  I think eventually he forgot about it....this took awhile and everyone was glad when he did.

Look how big they all are.  We have been up to this park several times.  We started coming when Larkin and Lucas were just babies.  It's amazing to see how much they have grown.  One day I will have to do a blog and compare pictures.  Right now all I want to do is catch up on all that I have missed!
I often wonder what their conversation was when I see pictures like this one.  I know they must have been talking about something.


Our home for the weekend.  I am busy making a pot luck breakfast for the kids.  Most of the kids hung out around our spot.  I am convinced it was the smell of hot chocolate and bacon.  I mean, seriously, who could resist?

Look at all those smiling faces.  I guess the dog sort of photo bombed this picture!

Boys and their puppy.  Ibis made this trip too but we had to carry him around all the rocky sections.
And yet another successful camping trip for the books.  I might add here that this was the trip I insisted on getting a camper.  David and I did not have a great sleeping experience (by that, I mean we had NO sleep in the tent).  I simply gently encouraged David that in order to keep me camping I would really prefer a camper type experience!

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