Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Proof we did actually run the race!

Its really hard to get pictures of David and I while we are racing.  Mom and dad are busy with the kids and the transitions are so quick there is simply no time to snap a picture.  There are professional photographers out and about along the course snapping live shots of you during the race but we usually never buy them! So here a few we snapped at the end of the day as proof that we did complete the race! The boys helped us with our bike pick up.  They were both a big help getting our transition areas all cleaned up.  Hunter was able to spot David's bike out of the line up and Lucas was able to help find mine.

And....Ta---Da!  The award for the day.  I was frustrated with my third place finish but I was super excited that I was able to set a PR and beat at least 4 professional females!  Whoop, Whoop!  I must say that my age group is stacked with some super talented ladies!

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