Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Go take a HIKE!

We have so many wonderful state parks around our home.  So many different hiking trails and we have only done a fraction of them.  We have our favorites and tend to revisit them but we really need to explore some of the other areas as well.  This beautiful spot we found was way out 19 past Lebanon.  We spent the day exploring with the Nashida's, Turner's and our furry family, Kona and Ibis at the amazing Pinnacle Nature Reserve.

Sweetness in front of the falls.  It was so beautiful and we were the only ones there.  We were able to take the dogs off their leashes and let them rome about.  Kona kept running from the front of the pack to the back and then to the front again.  He never strayed too far and I bet he covered twice as much ground!  Ibis had to have help over the rockier sections but he enjoyed his time outdoors.

Some beautiful scenery at the hike summit.  So peaceful, so pure.
One crazy kid, rock and stick chaser.

Master climbers and hikers.  The kids are always amazing to me.  They have fun, they share stories, they giggle, they climb and stop to stare at nothing or something totally amazing.  I love nurturing their imaginations, their spirt and physical and emotional health.

It breaks my heart to see this picture.  Not long before this hike we found Ibis having a seizure in the driveway.  He spent 2 days at the vet and was significantly changed forever.  We love him.  We will always love him and in his golden years we would never leave him.  He walked, he enjoyed the hike but on the steep, rocky and difficult sections David carried him.  Once a machine of a dog and now a delicate flower.  We have enjoyed every minute of his life and we continued to take him with us on as many adventures as we thought he was up for.  I know how this story ends but until I get to that blog I will continue to write about the presence we had with him at the time.  Our Ibis continued to rock on as he could.  I'm glad he was with us on this day.

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