Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Crawdad hunting on the Creeper Trail

Having two boys means you get dirty often and play in the creek, woods and mud.  We took off to Damascus to meet some friends along the river.  We took a different path and the boys were disappointed not to find their friends but we turned this outing into an adventure.  What could go wrong with a warm day, your two dogs and a creek full of crawdads?  Absolutely, nothing.

Brothers and best friends.  They also wore their brand new biking shorts.  David, Hunter and Kona were able to bike to the river from Damascus.  Lucas and I tried with Ibis but the Trail was too crowded and Lucas wasn't able to ride his bike well enough at this point not to cause a disaster.  We turned back and drove to the meeting spot.

Major find right there!
See, even I got in the water to help search for those little weird things.

Hunter showing Lucas a baby crawdad.  We had a great afternoon together and this was a great trip for Ibis.  We all had a wonderful family day.  #Blessed

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