Monday, January 18, 2016

Cyclocross and a quick weekend trip to Atlanta

Heading for Atlanta to spend time with cousins was a nice distraction from losing Ibis.  It is always fun to visit the big city.  In the York-Simmons neighborhood they were hosting a cyclocross race on Saturday morning.  The whole Simmons family and the smaller half of the York-Simmons clan signed up to race!
Lucas pushing up the run up!  We don't have any pictures of Hunter or Eli because those guys took off and won the race!  Lucas and Linden needed a little help picking up their bikes over the barriers and pushing up the run up.  They did a fantastic job and they always want to do more!
Remounting for the downhill!  Go buddy, Go!
Visiting the Millers and their St. Bernard puppies.
Look how sweet.  They were only 8 weeks old and look how big they were!
We walked to the zoo on Sunday and stopped to get an apple on the way back from Grant Park's Farmers Market.
My first crepe....delicious!
Who doesn't love a pile of St. Bernard puppies?

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