Sunday, January 10, 2016

The year of the shark tooth!

 You see that little treasure?  This summer was the year of the shark tooth.  We spent hours searching in the sand and walking up and down the shoreline looking for them.  I never have any luck with this but the kids love the hunt and this summer we scored close to finding 25 or so teeth.  Hunter is really into this and he has the most patients and fun searching for them.  He is also the most disappointed when he has and unlucky day.
 Ping pong is always a favorite pastime.  Chloe and Eli especially love to play.

 Ice cream break at the Marche'.

 Walker's landing trip.  I tired to take a selfie with all my minions behind me.

And....we ALWAYS love to boogie board.  Everyone loves it, even the adults.  There are days we close the beach down on our boards.

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