Saturday, January 9, 2016

Raleigh 70.3. DONE

David and I participated in the third Raleigh 70.3 and this would be my last.  We had a great trip to the city of Oaks and we were able to have dinner with this fun crew the night before the big race.  I don't have any positive thoughts about this race apart from the fun time seen in this picture!  It was a rough racing experience for both of us.  It was awfully HOT, I lost my salt tabs on mile 5 on the bike, felt terrible the last 10 miles on the bike, was confused in T2 and had to stop and pee....literally it was one disaster after another.  David had some of the same issues and ended up tripping on a road reflector on the run and dislocated his knee.  An injury that still plaques him.  Blah!  We are done with racing in Raleigh!

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