Monday, January 11, 2016

Summer family project

I was so happy with our little garden this year.  Last year the boys were so excited to plant we through things about in haste and we didn't have much produce and what little did grow the critters in the neighbor gobbled up.  This year we took our time and turned the soil and added some new soil and fertilizer.  I also put up a fence around the whole thing to keep out our furry friends.  All of our efforts weren't in vain.  We had a great looking garden this year!
In addition to our garden we added some thornless blackberry bushes and we added some blueberry bushes up around the house where the knockout rosebushes used to be.  I don't have any pictures of the blueberries as they were planted by the landscaper but I have plenty to brag about on the blackberry bushes.  We took a weekend and put together some boxes and trellis's for the bushes.
Here we are getting started.  First we put together the raised beds, leveled them off and dug holes for the trellis posts.
Look how nice they are.  So blessed to have a husband who knows how to do all this stuff.  I had to look up several ideas on how to run the trellis wires but he was able to put it all together.
Hunter helping to mix the cement and Lucas added the water.
First box looks good.  We had to let the cement dry and the posts set before we could add the soil and run the wires.

We had a system of filling the boxes with soil.  David threw them off the truck, Hunter drug them down the hill and Lucas and I spread them in the boxes.
Leveling and turning the soil.

Lastly, we planted and water the new bushes.
Admiring the family project!

Hard workers and proud of a job well done!  I can't say it enough, we are one blessed family.  Love my boys!

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