Sunday, September 28, 2014

Trip to Trampoline Park

 So out with the bouncy houses and in with the trampoline parks!  We discovered a trampoline park in Winston Salem on one of our Pilot Mountain visits.  It was crazy cool and I would have loved a place like this as a kid.  Our kids enjoyed the jumping, but hours and hours of this kind of activity would wear you our.  We stayed for two hours and there is no way the kiddos could have handled anymore.  They were toast.

 As you can see from Hunter's red face, it gets HOT doing all that jumping.

 The rules were that only one person could jump per square.  This keep people from doing the 'popcorn' thing and sending folks flying in all kinds of uncontrolled directions.

 They were moving around so much it was extremely difficult to get a good picture.  I tried and here is the blog and evidence to prove we did it.  David and I even jumped around.

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