Sunday, September 28, 2014

Earth Day!!

We love Earth Day in Abingdon for many reasons.  First, it is the beginning of warmer weather!!! Spring is coming and we are all super happy about that!!  Second, we get to spend a whole morning learning all about ways to save and preserve our planet. Third, we have fun making crafts and hanging out with friends!
Here is the gang hard at work making bottle top magnets.  We also made wind socks out of soda bottles and planted herbs and flowers to take home.

Chloe and Lucas picking out their flowers to plant.

The above to pictures are flowers made out of the thumbprint of Chloe and Lucas.  For whatever reason, Hunter did not want to participate in this activity.  Their flowers were used to decorate a rain barrel that would later be raffled away to some lucky winner.
Hoos' that!  Heehehehe!

Playing tag with friends.  The only part about this day that would have been better would have been to have David with us.  Daddy was working.  Maybe next year he will be able to help us celebrate Earth Day!

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