Sunday, September 28, 2014

Let's get ready for Easter

 You are never too old to dye Easter eggs, right?  We each had two dozen eggs to dye.  We had colored eggs, stickers to put on eggs, glitter for the eggs, a crayon that whites the egg out on the shell when you dip to to dye.  We had it all!  The boys had fun and I loved watching how different their egg dying process was.  Lucas put all his eggs in the dye at once and left them for about two seconds.  Then he would take them all out to dry, complain that they weren't colored enough and then put a whole new batch it.  He repeated this process until his was out of eggs and then he put them all back in the dye again.  His eggs were mostly shades of green and brown!  Hunter had a very different approach.  He didn't want the dye all over his hands so he used the egg spoon.  He put one egg in the dye at a time and waited until it changed to the color he wanted.  His eggs were beautiful and in many different shades.  You many think his came out so well because he is older, why this may be true, Hunter has always dyed eggs this way.  In fact, Hunter just has more patience than his younger brother, he always has.  He is more careful and more gentle doing things.  Lucas is Lucas and we love you Lucas!

 I should have taken a close up of his little green hands.

 Sinking Springs Preschool annual Easter Egg Hunt!  Lucas has such a spirited little class with so many different personalities this hunt could have easily been a disaster with lots of fighting and lots of crying. Thankfully, this hunt was all about fun and finding eggs.  It was a crazy mad dash as the kiddos searched for the eggs all hidden around the Fraley yard.

 Lucas showing Blaine one of his treasures.

 Sharing eggs with one of our good friends, Alice.

 I think I was trying to get a picture of Luke sharing some of his eggs with Lucas.

 Time to count eggs and say a prayer before lunch.

 Lunch with friends is always the best!

 Now for the Sullins Academy Easter Egg hunt.  This was a low thrills type of hunt (as are most of the school parties :).  The eggs were scattered about the playground and Hunter had fun searching for them.  He isn't much of scrambler so we had to make sure and divide the eggs evenly when the hunt was over.  I seriously think the hunt lasted for 10 minutes.  We are going to have to up the game around here next year.

My sweet man enjoying his Easter party with Mrs. Baker and all of his friends.

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