Sunday, September 28, 2014

Trip to Krispy Kreme. Why can't there be one in Abingdon?

Why o why can not there not be a Krispy Kreme in Abingdon?  Our family would be happy if there was one in Bristol.  We took the kids by this yummy little spot after an afternoon of trampolining.  We watched the doughnuts roll out of the oven and under the glaze and then loaded up into our box.  They are so good I can actually taste them as I blog about them.

Random picture of the house I grew up in.  I miss Pilot Mountain, North Carolina but I am enjoying all the wonderful memories my family is making in Abingdon, Virginia!

Chloe enjoying her warm and delicious Krispy Kreme.
me have
one more!

Still eating.  Just like his dad, he is addicted to sweets.

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