Monday, September 29, 2014

The new and improved Drummond Point Park

 Drummond Point got a make over this year.  We loved all the improvements.  They took down that scary old tree house and replaced it with a fun park.
 The swinger/spinner was fun.  I even tried it.  It's amazing how the kids can go around and around and after one minute I am about to puke.

 This little guy finally learned to pump.  Guess it took the right park to figure it all out.

 A moment of peace among the youngest of our crew.  All it takes is a see saw to establish a moment of truce.

Ping pong happiness.  Chloe was able to pick up on this game quickly.  I spent more time chasing balls than I did hitting them.  There are trails around the park that offer views of the marsh.  The shelter for the ping pong table hosted a birds eye view of the inter coastal from the top deck.  The shelter also had new grills and picnic tables.

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