Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Summer trip to Sparta!

When we got back from Florida my parents were waiting for us in Abingdon.  Chloe had a blast at the beach and I hope she continues go with us each summer but I know she really missed mom and dad.  It was different for her to spend 10 days away from them and get accustomed to the rules of the York-Simmons and the Simmons.  She also was the oldest of 5 kids and the only other girl.  She and Linden butted heads from time to time but Chloe always had excellent manners and patience.  She is always a joy to be around!  Nonetheless, she was a little homesick and very happy to see Gaga and Papa.  The boys were thrilled to see them too and with that mom and dad packed them up and took all three of them to Sparta for 2 nights!!!  They had a blast without David and I chaperoning and we had a blast going out to dinner and catching up from our Florida vacation.  But after 2 nights I missed them terribly and headed on over to Sparta.
Chloe caught the first big bass from the pond.

Hunter loves to fish and would stay out there from dusk to dawn if you would let him.

Picking blackberries!!

Hoping to get enough for me to make a blackberry cobbler.  We had so much fun working together.
Hunter caught this big bass!

He was so proud of this catch!!I was SO, SO happy he caught one.  It is hard to see him get discouraged, especially when he had been out there for days trying so hard to catch one!

We are all about catch and release.  He gently placed his prize back in the water.

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