Monday, September 29, 2014

Fourth of July evening

 Lined up and waiting for dinner.  We set up shop and grilled hotdogs and hamburgers on the beach while waiting for the fireworks to start.
 Tent number 2!  We traveled all the way from Virginia with the frame of tent number 1 but we forgot the canopy!  Poor David was so upset.  He really spent a lot of time getting that blasted thing tied to the top of the car and then unwrapped it on the beach to only find the frame.  Hahahaha!  Noelle and I went to Target and got the above Tent number 2!  It worked great for the night of the fourth and then the tropical winds from hurricane Author blew it to pieces the next day!  We should have given up but David was determined to have a tent.
 Cute brothers.

I LOVE ALL THESE KIDS!  They make me smile and laugh everyday.  We are blessed.

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