Friday, September 26, 2014

Happy 4th Birthday Little Lucas!!!

 It's time for a birthday celebration!!  We had a blast celebrating Lucas's 4th birthday.  It was a camping themed party complete with an outdoor movie!  There was popcorn and lots of giggles as we celebrated with the best friends and family anyone could ask for.
 Action!!  The movie screen was awesome!  It was big, it made a presence and everyone enjoyed watching Scooby Doo Camp Scare once it finally got dark enough to see the picture. The movie was a hit and it was loads of fun to watch outside snuggling with friends but one may be better served to set up an outdoor movie for little kids after the fall back time change.  I didn't think it would EVER be dark enough for the kids to see the screen.  I believe the start time was well after 8:30.  Lesson learned.
 Evan and Hunter helping with the set up.
 Hotdogs all around.  Who doesn't love a good hot dog on any camping adventure?
 In the class!! Celebration of the Hungry Caterpillar the month of Lucas's birthday.He was so proud of his hat a necklace.

 This picture has nothing to do with turning four and everything to do with snapping a shot of my most mischievous son hiding amongst the fans at Lowes' hardware.
 Lucas heading into the ice cream shop on his birthday day!!  We had his camping party that weekend but you have to do something extra special on his day, April 9th.
 Who better to share birthday ice-cream but with your best buds in the world.  Thanks to the Turner family for making this day great for our big four year old ball of fireworks!
 Happy Birthday my love!

 View of the Simmons's campsite from the porch.  Thanks to the Leeson's for letting us borrow a mega huge tent for a thousand kids to run and trample all over! All the kiddos loved playing in the tents but not one asked to stay the night in one.  Hmmm…...

 And the jumper makes it out for the party.  I get a little misty thinking this might be the last time the jumper makes it out for a birthday party.  One day I should do a blog and dedicate it only to the jumper and how it has impacted our lives!  It shall soon be on the Abingdon yard sale page or on Craigslist as the boys are just about to outgrow its netted walls and bouncy floor.  I should also send pictures to Blast Zone giving a testominal to the steadiness and funness of their bouncy castle.

 Yummy cheesecakes from Anthony's.
 No cake for my boys.  It is always such a waste at our house to buy/make a birthday cake.  The boys only eat the icing and Hunter doesn't eat cake at all.  This year I made a dirt cake, perfect for our camping theme.  Yummy, smashed oreos all around and hardly any waste.
 Lets get crazy for the Piñata!  These are fun, period.  It is fun for the kids and fun for the parents to watch.  It gets crazy as the excitement builds.  What kids doesn't' go bananas hitting something with a stick, hoping to break it so tons of candy and prizes fall out?
 Birthday boy goes first with a strong and purposeful approach.

 Go Sawyer!

 Go Riley!
 Go Blaine!
 Go Linden!

 All done with that so lets go get a drink.

 This last picture was a perfect example of how the present situation went down.  IT WAS MASS CHOAS!  I couldn't even get close to Lucas to help with the presents or write down names.  Kids were yelling, Lucas was grabbing and kids were playing.  It was out of control and I will never let this kind of present opening happen again.  On this day I threw in the flag and let nature take its course.

The end of a wonderfully blessed day.  Sleeping with a little birthday squirrel from the Ramirez family. One tuckered out little party animal.  Blessings  surrounded this fun filled day!

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