Sunday, September 28, 2014

Milam Mountain Weekend

Some of our closest friends from Abingdon moved all the way to Colorado last spring and we were devastated.  I lost a great friend and the boys lost two of their best friends.  Adam is Hunter's age and Jacob was born one week afar after Lucas.  We were so sad to see them go but happy they found a great place/community to work and live.  While in Virginia they bought a mountain house outside of Asheville and kept it when they moved across the country.  Over spring break we went a few other families to the mountain house to see them.  It was a great weekend catching up.  There was lots of story swapping, laughing and crying.  A weekend that went by way too fast.  It made saying goodbye so much harder all over again.
The weekend was filled with the laughter of seven little boys.  In the first picture you can see all the boys in the tub.  Well, one may be missing.  It was FREEZING outside.  We had a really, really cold winter and in some places there was still snow on the ground.  It took lots of convincing to get Lucas in the hot tub but once he made the plunge he didn't want to get out!

Sweet friends enjoying the evening.
The men and their Al Bundy pose.

Hunter and Adam were very close friends and it was hard to say goodbye.  Sweet Hunter loves Adam and enjoyed spending the weekend with his friend.

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