Monday, September 29, 2014

Independence 5k and Parade

 Every Fourth of July Amelia Island has and Independence 5k race.  This year we ALL ran!  I raced the 5k and came in second with the fastest time I have run since college, 18:50ish!!  I was so happy but what was even better is little Hunter clocked his fist 5k in 30 minutes!  David pushed Lucas in the BOB with plans to run with Chloe and Hunter.  Noelle ran with Eli and Linden waited to run in the one mile fun run.  After crossing the finish line I circled back to finish with the rest of my family.  I was looking for David and the BOB when I heard a little voice yell, "mom!"  It was Hunter!!  He was cruising along and running 9 minute mile pace.  He finished with a strong kick at the end.  He was the youngest participant in the 5k at 6 years old.  I was so very, very proud of him.  Eli crossed the finish line next in about 33 minutes and Chloe came in around 45 minutes.  It was a great, great day.  The older kiddos loved it so much they all wanted to race the one mile run with Lucas and Linden.
 A tired but happy little girl.  So proud of her for working so hard and for not giving up!

 Cutie pies, lined up again in order of age and getting ready for the start.

 Lucas was hilarious.  He started out like a bullet and his speed was ridiculous.  I didn't know he had that kind of smoke, it lasted about 10 seconds.  He finished last but he ran through the finish as hard as he could to grab that number one ribbon.  #cutestthingever!
 This guy should of had a medal around his neck, he earned one.  Unfortunately, his age was lumped with the 12 and under group.  He was disappointed but happy with his ribbon.
 Happy to be done!

 After the race is always the golf cart parade.  In the past we have decorated our cart and ridden in the parade.  This year we didn't rent a golf cart as everyone was old enough to ride a bike or the trailer bike.  We all stood on the side and watched the action and begged for candy.  I think I like standing on the sidelines better.  I know the kids did because they got bags full of candy!

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