Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Amelia Bike Date

When I raced the June Half Ironman in Raleigh I qualified for the World Championships in Mont Tremblanc Canada!!  I still needed to keep up the training the best I could while on vacation.  This year all the kids were old enough to participate in Camp Amelia.  The kids loved the camp and it gave David and I four hours to bike around the island.  Here are a few pictures from our adventure.

The above pictures were made around Fort Clinch.  I wish I knew more about it but we weren't allowed in the fort without tickets. We cruised around the place on our bikes and will have to come back for the informational tour with the kids when they get older and find stuff like this more interesting.

We ran across some wild peacocks on the ride.  I was so amused seeing this strange bird, I thought it was important to document its presence on our ride.
Admiring the beautiful view of the inter coastal from the north side of the fort.

On our way back to get the kids David and I stopped and snapped a picture on the same bridge we ran across on our honeymoon, almost 10 years ago.  We were running that day and not biking so the picture is a little different but the spot and the time of day were close to identical.  We didn't have a fancy digital camera then so I could compare the two.  Maybe I could scan in it somehow.  I only have the hard copy of the first photograph.  It was an amazing day for us just as it was 10 years ago.  I love this man with every single cell in my body and everyday that passes I find that I love him even more.  I look forward to rest of our lives together.
More strange looking creatures that crossed our path!

Final pictures of us.  There aren't too many of us on the blog so I put them all in!  I am also wearing the same Native sunglasses I bought 10 years ago on our Honeymoon at a store called Red Otter!!

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