Monday, September 29, 2014

Strawberry Festival at Fern valley Farm

Beautiful day at FVF!  This time we went with the Turners, no school buddies but best best friends.  This was a funny event.  It was themed a strawberry festival but there was NO strawberries.  I think our super cold winter pushed back the picking season.  Regardless, we had a wonderful day.

This was Lucas's favorite part of the trip, the WORM farm.  This year farmer Larry started a worm garden to fertilize his vegetable garden with the worm casings.  It is quite the process but is supposed to provide superior soil for plants.  One of the camps offered over the summer includes learning to make a worm garden.  I think I should sign Lucas up!

Still playing with the worms.

Trying to get a shot of the four amigos.  Hunter is still going through the phase where he doesn't ever want to get his picture taken.  The girls are professionals, posing on cue.  Their pictures are always fantastic!

All sitting around waiting to pet, hold or chase a baby chicken.  The poor chicks were so tired and hot they kept falling asleep.
Lucas and his girls.

Hunter finally deciding to join the gang!

Mommy goats and one rented stud.  I find that job amusing.  How would you like to be known as the rent a ram?

They had fun holding the chickens but I felt so bad for the poor birds.  The little things were exhausted.

Super fun day with friends!

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