Thursday, February 7, 2013

Halloween begins

 I love getting ready for fall.  It is a beautiful time of year in southwest Virginia.  Hunter and Lucas enjoyed all the excitement as well.  I had all the best intentions of letting the boys trample through a pumpkin patch to pick out and cut their very own pumpkin, but somehow we just never made it to the patch.  We found a perfect pile of pumpkins at the local grocery store and the boys had just as much fun  picking one out from there and I didn't have to endure an hour long drive the pumpkin patch.  I think this was a win win for us all!

Hunter loved carving the pumpkins into jack-o-laterns...Lucas was not at all into it.  Period.

 This was his attitude throughout the entire pumpkin carving experience.  Maybe next year will be better.  I wish I could remember what we had done leading up to the carving, he might of just been tired from a long day of activity.

 Hunter and his pumpkin!!  My sweet big boy!
 My spider pumpkin.  Hunter and Lucas gathered up the sticks from the woods, Hunter spray painted everything black, I drew the face and Lucas helped glue it on.  I think our spider was pretty cute.
This was our Halloween porch.  I was trying to take a picture of the ghosts the boys and I made.  Lucas's ghost was on the right and Hunter's was on the left.  We took old planters filled them with sand from the sandbox and stuck an old tomato cage in them.  Then we wrapped white Christmas lights around the cage and put a sheet over the lights.  The boys got to spray paint a face on the sheet to look like a ghost.  You can't really see how cute they were but they turned out great.  In fact, we have them stored in the basement to use again for next year.  

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