Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Farmer vs. Fireman

 Southwest Virginia is no stranger to farmers and livestock.  My boys are not strangers to all sorts of farm animals but it is always an adventure for them to really get down and explore all that a farm has to offer.  This fall we helped in the birthday celebration of Hayden at Fern Valley Farm.  We had tractor rides, animal petting/feeding, and authentic pizza cooking.  We all had a blast and I could hear the animals breathe a sigh of relief when it was time to go.
 Hunter taking his turn holding Peter, the bunny.
 Here is Lucas holding Peter.  He loved it so much that he waited in line to hold him twice.
 Tractor rides are the best and even more fun on Mrs. Kelly's lap....now on to feed and pet the sheep!
 The Abingdon fire department hosted a family day for folks to visit the station, learn some fire safety and check out the trucks and other fancy equipment.  It must be every kiddos dream to use that hose!  The guys out there were so sweet letting them all take a turn putting out the fires.  What you can't see in these pictures is that they are actually trying to put out fires in the windows of a little wooden house.  It was kind of like the game at the fair where you point your squirter and try to knock down some monkey.  In this case, it was a wooden house with wooden fire blazes in the windows.
 Hunter looked like a professional.
 This picture is out of order, but this was fun pizza making back at the farm.
 Lucas and his firman loot bag.
 Climbing aboard wings.
 Sweet Larkin donning her hat.
I wasn't so sure about giving Lucas control of that hose, but he did a wonderful job.

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