Thursday, February 7, 2013

Our wild rumpus and jedi knight

 This year for Halloween Hunter wanted to be a Jedi knight.  He was a really cute Jedi knight, but he didn't then and still doesn't know now what a Jedi knight is really all about.  I think he could tell you that they are in Star Wars.  Anyway, it was a great costume and he had a blast trick or treating with all of his friends.  This year Halloween was the coldest night of the season so David and I were thankful the boys had warm costumes to wear.
 Our handsome Jedi knight.
 The crew getting ready to start trick or treating up and down the lovely street of Stonewall Heights.  Thanks again to the Pillions to opening up their home for all of us to share.
 Lucas was 'Max', King of the Wild Things!!  It was the greatest costume ever!!  At the time his favorite book to read was "Where the Wild Things Are."  (Later he moves on to dinosaurs, but more on that to come.)  It took a bit of convincing for him to actually put the costume on, but once he realized with the costume on you got candy he was hooked! Not to mention the wolf suit was warm!  He did a great job with please and thank you and didn't manage to eat all of his candy before bed.  This is one little costume that couldn't have been more fitting and adorable for our little 'wild rumpus.'

They melt my heart.

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