Thursday, February 21, 2013

Gingerbread House extravaganza!

 When we traveled to Bryson City for the Polar Express we opted to stay in Asheville at the Greystone Inn.  It is another place I would encourage you to visit.  It is simply stunning, more the scenery and amenities than the rooms themselves.  The kids loved it!  They think staying in a hotel is the most wonderful adventure.  We chose to stay here because the Inn was beautifully decorated for the holiday season and they have an elaborate gingerbread house competition.  All I can say is that the houses were AMAZING!  If you can maximize the picture you can see the detail work. Amazing.
 Fun in the lobby.  Lucas and Chloe riding on the sleigh.

 Cute picture in front of one of the many decorated trees throughout the Inn.

 Lucas and Hunter taking a turn on the sleigh.

 View from the back of the Inn.

 The snowmen in this picture picked up second place.  We had the pleasure of speaking with the baker and she told us a little bit about the work that goes into these designs.  She said she started practicing in March and began baking and putting it all together in June.  The contest doesn't even start until November!!  She also said for every snowmen on the display (there were 3 total) at least 3 went into the trash.  I envy her patience, I would have driven myself insane trying to perfect this.

 Here is a better picture of the second place winner.  I thought I had a picture of first place, but I could't find it.  It was of the 3 wisemen and it was beautiful.  It was under lock and key in a glass display case.
 Hunter beside the fisherman tree.
 Boys down at the spa.

 This is a really sweet picture of two very sweet kids.
 Found it!  Here is the winner!
 Papa saving Lucas from a rock climbing disaster.

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