Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pause...and take a step back

 I just recently came across a few pics that had been emailed to me and I thought I would share some of the finds.  They are great pictures and fun memories.  It is hard to see how much the kids have changed and how fast the time has gone by.
 No, this is not Lucas. This is Hunter around 2 almost 3 during one of the first snows here in Abingdon.  I can tell we were not used to the weather since he isn't wearing his snowsuit.

 Miss Sassy pants trying to play soccer.  I don't think soccer was ever her thing, but she sure did make for one cute little player.
 Here is the gang, although I am not quite sure if that is Emerson to the right of Hunter.  I will have to ask Matt or Kelly.  Definitely little Larkin and Lucas staring at the mysterious mulch.
 Larkin and Lucas, pals from the beginning.  Oh the trouble these two manage to get into.

 BFF's Hunter and Emerson.  Just recently Hunter asked if he could have Eme over for a sleep over. They are great friends and I hope that never, ever changes.
 The best place for these two!

 One of my favorite pictures.  The boys are in the double running stroller and I used to watch their feet to see when they would rest on the bottom the way Hunter's do in this picture.  Lucas's are almost there and Hunter's are there already.  It has been a long time since we have pushed them in the double.  Hunter can ride his bike without training wheels now so he can ride while we run or he wants to run with us.  Lucas still rides in the single with his feet resting on the bottom as well now and he is now wearing the shoes you see Hunter in for this picture...sniff..sniff.  Time just flies right on by.

 If we had this on video you could see that they were running.
 Amy, sweet Olivia and Chloe.
The end...Now I need to go and get a box of tissues.  I would like to keep them little forever and ever.

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