Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hunter's new Indian name, Eagle Eye.

 At Sullins it is a big deal to celebrate grandparent's day.  I would like to think it is to show off the grandkids and the great school...but I think they have hopes for a little donation as well!!  Anyway, Papa came to school and saw Hunter receive his Indian name, Eagle Eye.  He was give a special medallion by the Head of School, Mrs. Romona Harr.  The kiddos worked hard all week in preparation for this day.
 Complete with teepees for the ceremony.

 Hunter awaiting his new Indian name from Mrs. Harr.

 A really cute picture I had to throw in of Hunter sleeping with Papa.  Hunter is the best little sleeper and the cutest cuddlier.  If he is really tired, it doesn't take but just a second for him to fall asleep.
Our sweet Eagle Eye.

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