Sunday, February 24, 2013

Stew at Nana's!

Thanks to Nana we had a yummy Brunswick stew cook out for part of the Thanksgiving holiday season.  It was delicious.  Nana and the rest of the Mickey household spend all day stirring the stew in the dutch oven over the fire.  We had a night of good food and good company.
Hunter, David and Uncle Larry roasting a hot dog.  Most of the kids chose to eat a hot dog and why not, you got to roast it by yourself over the fire. The fire was the 'it' spot to was FREEZING that night.
Chloe ready with her hotdogs.

Don't these two just scream trouble?  This is Miss Olivia, she is our cousin from Virginia Beach.  She was up visiting with her mom, Amy.  Lucas and Olivia are close to the same age and they first met when Olivia was just a few months old and Lucas only a few weeks old.  They were having fun being pushed in the chair by Hunter and Chloe.

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