Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sugar cookies numero dos

 Just like Christmas Eve we made sugar cookies again with Eli and Linden. I love these kids and have such a wonderful time with them.  I really do wish we could smush our states a little closer so we could see them more often.
 This little girl is a hoot and makes me giggle every time I hear her sweet little voice.  She and Lucas spent more time eating the decorations than actually making the cookies.
 Oh...and the boys were dressed in costume for the festivities, you never know when someone might be in need of a superhero.
 Sweet Chloe working hard on her batch.

 Ironman doing his part in the cooking making process.  I think in a few years the cooking making may be left up to the girls.

Sweet memories that I hope will last a lifetime.  I love, love these kids.

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