Sunday, February 24, 2013

Christmas in Pilot Mountain

Our get together with mom's side of the family is always lots of fun.  The kids this year were super pumped for the present opening.
Lucas ripping his way through the morning.
They each had more fun playing with the mini lightbulbs that topped the cupcakes than actually eating the cupcakes.

After our Christmas morning we continued to Christmas it up at the Shelton residence.  We had pizza, delicious deserts and lots of laughs.

oh look...actually found a picture of myself.
By the end of the evening we were all playing the Headband game.  The kids loved it!  Great present Jodi!  In this game you wear a headband and everyone else can see what it is and you have to guess what picture you are wearing on your head. Even Lucas got into the fun for a little while.

Futile attempts for a group picture.
And our last stopped was a lunch celebration with our Sams family.

We are blessed with wonderful family and friends.

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