Sunday, February 24, 2013

Who knew the North Pole moved to Pilot Mountain

This was a little piece of fun we found one weekend when visiting Gaga and Papa.  You know how some people just love the holidays and go above and beyond when decorating for Christmas?  Well, this family was over the top!  It was great for the kids and it was all FREE.  I like free.  There was a donation box, but they even served up FREE hot chocolate.   David and I weren't sure where this place was located. We were just told, "just head out 268 and you can't miss it."  They were right, it was lit up like the Griswald's.  Chloe was with us and she made the funniest comment as we approached the Pilot Mountain North Pole.  We were driving along and she yelled, "holy cow there it is, I almost dropped my Cheeto looking at all those lights!"  HAHAHAHA!!!
Lucas gazing into one of the little Christmas building set up.
Sitting on Santa's sleigh.  This was a really cute picture of the 3 of them!
Part of the Christmas village.
This was their barn decorated and in the loft was a snow blower that was really blowing out snow.

Lucas's favorite were the dinosaurs.

Thanks to the Pilot Mountain folks who put this all together.  We had a fun night.

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