Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sullins Academy and Fender's Farm

This fall season we took a trip to Fender's Farm in the lovely town of Jonesboro, TN.  It had all the bells and whistles that any good school field trip farm should have.  There were big tractor rides, corn mazes, animal petting, and pumpkin picking.  It was a beautiful day for a field trip and it was really warm for October, I think it was close to 80 degrees!!  Sweet Lucas was able to accompany us to the farm and he had a blast.  
After an hour in the car everyone needs a snack before the tractor ride.  Lucas doesn't know he is a little  guy.  He has a great time with Hunter's friends and they are all really sweet to him.
Hello little Hunter.  They were all getting a little anxious waiting for the tour.  There was a huge play area to the left of this picture that you can't see and for whatever reason the teachers did not want the kids to play on it.  It was REALLY annoying.  They had been in the car for over and hour, we had a 25 minute snack time and the kids were going NUTS!!  (As you can tell I was too, finally I told my boys to go play and they did and it turned out to be just fine).
Hunter and his BFFs Andrew and Lauren.
Andrew and Lauren are twins and these 3 have the best time together.
Lucas getting ready to pet the goats.
Everyone running and trying to find a way out of the fence maze.
This was a scene from the three little pigs and the big bad wolf. The kids couldn't tear their eyes away from this wolf.  They had some little pigs running around but everyone was much more interested in the wolf.  I thought he was pretty scary looking myself.
The kiddos waiting for the pumpkin searching and picking instructions.
Lucas looking around for his perfect pumpkin.  He really like little, teeny tiny baby things so he searched for his own little, baby pumpkin.
Found it!
Here they were all given stickers and markers to decorate their pumpkin.  Here Hunter is showing me the pumpkin he found.
Lucas and his pumpkin.
Now they were searching for gourds.

The spider slide at the end!  This was a great trip and I am glad Lucas was able to come with us, but I was sure glad to go home!

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