Thursday, February 28, 2013

"Mom, take my training wheels OFF!"

 Hunter has always loved riding on and driving things.  When he was just a toddler it was his gaol in life to ride a tricycle by himself.  He mastered that and then he moved on to power wheels.  He could drive the four wheeler when he was 2, drive the Ford truck before he turned 3 and mastered the John Deere Gator when Lucas was born, at 3 1/2.  He also enjoyed riding on his smaller bike with his training wheels and zipping around the neighborhood on his scooter.  We knew it was only going to be a matter of time before he wanted to take the training wheels off his little bike.  David and I worked on him riding without the training wheels in the backyard in the fall of last year but he just wasn't ready.  We let it go and then one day while David and I were ripping apart the garage looking for a mouse Hunter took his bike into the backyard by himself and started to ride.  He came running over to me and shouted hysterically, "Mom, you have to see me ride my bike without training wheels right now!"  So David and I dropped what we were doing and ran over to watch.  Sure enough he did it!!  He rode all over the backyard!!!  I guess he was just ready.  He has been riding solo ever since. I don't know who has been looking forward to this moment more, David or Hunter!

Here he is on his little 12 inch frame.  Once he mastered this bike he had built up some confidence to try his 16 inch frame.  He quickly learned the bigger the bike the faster you can go!

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