Sunday, February 24, 2013

Christmas Morning!

Look who we caught on camera!!!  The boys and I set up our camera in a really sneaky spot to try and capture the the big man at work.  We were lucky and were able to snag this shot!!

 Family dinner.  I thought David had set this up on timer so he could be in the picture as well.
 Blessed on Christmas morning.
 Happy Gaga.

 Chloe showing off her new pink shot gun.  This was a gift from Papa.  David and Daddy took the kids outside later in the day for some practice shooting.  (the boys got Red Rider BB guns)  They were all a little afraid of the shotgun so I think it got traded in for a pink BB gun.

 Our music man finally got his guitar.
 This sweet guy is crazy over Legos.  Santa brought him lots and lots of Legos.

 First set completed.  He works all of these by himself.  He has amazing patience for a 5 year old.
 Getting ready to fire the BB gun.

 Papa helping take aim and giving some  BB safety lessons.
 Nice shot Hunter!
 Check out her professional stance.

 Tools!!  Santa brought Hunter his very own 'real' tools.

More Lego fun.  We had to pace him.  He would have worked every Lego set he got in one day.  He wouldn't stop, he was like a machine.

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