Sunday, September 22, 2013

Watauga Lake Triathlon

 This triathlon was an odd distance Triathlon at Watauga Lake located right outside of Boone, NC.  Mom and Chloe came up to watch the boys so David and I could take off and race.  It was an 1000m swim, 25 mile bike and a 5 mile run.  It was a super hilly bike and run course but it was a great training day and a lot of fun to do.  I finished 2nd for the females.  So irritating to lose based on my poor swimming abilities!!  The girl that beat me was something like 10 minutes faster than me in the water and I couldn't make the time up on the bike or the run.  I made some ground and she only ended up beating me by about 30 seconds.  Bummer.  I have got to get faster in the water!!  David did great too and placed 4th overall for the men and first in his age group.  The prizes for this race were handmade pieces of pottery.  Beautiful, beautiful pieces of pottery.  Now we need to compete in this race every year until we have a full set of coffee cups!

 The men representing!  Brian Dawson joined us from Abingdon and Matt from Maryland and Joe from Raleigh.  All three of these fabulous guys competed with us in the Raleigh Half Ironman this past June.
Picture of the lake where we completed our swim.

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