Tuesday, September 10, 2013

House showing...we got to get outta here!

 Bike ride on the creeper trail.  These pictures were taken under bridge number three.  We all rode our bikes to this spot and then took an adventurous walk to the creek below.
 Lucas taking a rest before heading back home.
 This was a great trip.  Usually David is with us when we head out on the bikes, but this day he had to work and Hunter was in the mood to practice riding his bike.  It was a beautiful day, the house was showing so I attached Lucas's bike seat to my bike and off we went.
 Here is the gang at Hungry Mother State Park.  We spend the better part of the day with our fave family while the house was showing.  We hiked, picnicked, played and laughed.  This was a wonderful day.
 These guys are about as BFF as you can get.
We have affectionately named the 2 n the back 'Larkas".  They are two of a kind and are always causing trouble or creating mischief of one kind or another, but they are the best of friends and totally comfortable with each other.  I have enjoyed watching their friendship develop much in the same way as their older siblings. I wish they would take note of how loving Hunter and Emerson are towards each other and how considerate they are of the other's feelings.  On the contrary, the two little ones behave more like siblings fighting and yelling until one gets hurt or in trouble!

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