Thursday, September 19, 2013

To the pool A.I.

The past few years the resort has been making some changes.  We have vacationed through resurfacing the condo, renovation of the condo next door, beach preservation (they were lengthening the beach and blowing sand up from miles offshore, not sure about the environmental effects of this) and revamping on the beach club.  This year it was ALL done and we got to enjoy the hard work of the years past.  There is more beach and a new pool with a cool splash pad.
 SPLASH PAD was great for Lucas!
 Ok, so the big guys loved it too.

Time out and a truce for the two best of and worst of friends two some.  These guys have a love, hate relationship. Poor Linden had to put up with Lucas asking her every 10 minutes if she was his best friend.  Linden was a good sport for the most part until she just couldn't take it anymore and then the fighting and picking would begin.  They loved to play together and they played really well....but when they were done with each other we became referees and they became each other's worst enemy!  

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