Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Move in day!

 There are some people that love to move.  I am not one of those people.  I like organization, cleanliness, and settlement.  I have way too many things to do then move about, but we did it!  It was the only house in town we would have moved for and I and thankful everyday for a wonderful husband who stood behind and supported this crazy idea and who provides immeasurably for our family.  We are blessed, simply blessed.  We made the right move at the right time and we have never been happier.  We have the golf course and the Creeper Trail right in our backyard.  It is like we live in a resort.  The above is a picture of the kitchen on move in day.  Yikes!
 Papa and Hunter tuckered out after an afternoon of settling in.
 Unlike our previous home, the driveway here is flat.  Within the first week of living here Lucas took off on the bike. Up until this point he hadn't shown any interest in riding one.  Now he has graduated from the bike you see here to Hunter's old bike!  Amazing!  AND...Hunter has mastered the bike and is riding a 20 inch 6 speed.  He loves it and we do too.  More on that later....
 Hunter was so tired he literally fell asleep on the kitchen rug.  This is something Lucas would never do.
View from our back porch of the green of hole number 8.  All the kids ran down there and a little someone decided to shed their clothes.  Little ones don't care if it happens to be the weekend of the member guest tournament.  I will remember this afternoon forever.

One day I will post more pics of the house.  It is a little more put together but right now I just want to finish my summer blogging!!!

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